5 Signs of a Pet Dental Emergency

Mar 3, 2023 | Health

If you’ve ever endured the excruciating pain of a toothache, you know how crucial it is to get emergency care and pain relief. Pet dental emergency can happen to your pet even though they might not express their suffering in the same manner that people do. If your pet exhibits any of the following dental issues, seek emergency veterinary attention.

#1: Your pet is excessively drooling
While a piece of pizza or a piece of steak may make your pet drool more than usual, excessive salivation may indicate a more serious problem. Dogs who drool a lot can have a painful oral condition or they might have consumed something dangerous. Whatever the cause, your pet requires immediate care so that the issue can be identified and fixed.

#2: A tooth is misaligned in your pet
Your pet may fracture or move a tooth when chewing on a hard object, such as a bone or antler, harming the ligament holding the tooth in place. Teeth might move in unpleasant ways as a result of dog fights, car accidents, and other traumatic occurrences; this requires prompt medical attention.

#3: There’s something stuck in your pet’s mouth
Pets who chew on sticks are more likely than those who don’t to receive an oral foreign body like a piece of wood caught in their mouth. Additional issues arise when animals play retrieve and a ball gets lodged in their throats, or when animals gnaw on hollow bones and the bone gets caught over their jaw. A terrible consequence can be avoided by immediately removing lodged things.

#4: Your pet can’t use their mouths properly
There are various reasons why the mouth cannot open or close properly, and each one needs to be addressed right away. Joint, bone, and muscular problems can impair the proper operation of the mouth, and some illnesses, such as tetanus, can also make it challenging for pets to chew and drink. Your pet may experience pain if they are unable to use their mouth normally, so make sure they get urgent attention.

#5: There is mouth bleeding on your pet
Despite the fact that the mouth has a lot of blood vessels within, abnormal bleeding that doesn’t stop needs to be addressed right away.

Are you confused whether the dental condition with your pet needs immediate attention? Give us a call or contact us to go over their issue.