Pet Allergy Care

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Pet Allergy Care in North Hollywood, CA 91601

Our veterinarians can identify and handle a variety of allergic responses in your pet, as well as provide knowledgeable guidance on how you may treat and avoid them at home.


Pet Allergy Care

The veterinarians at Berkley Pet Hospital can help if your dog has allergies. For your canine buddy to feel better once again, we provide a variety of allergy tests and treatment alternatives. Atopy (environmental allergies), flea, food, and contact allergies are the four main categories of allergies that can impact dogs.

When a dog is exposed to increased levels of airborne pollen, their body develops a condition known as atopy, which results in symptoms including swelling, itching, and redness. Whereas food allergies are often brought on by proteins or carbohydrates in the diet, flea allergies are brought on by an allergic reaction to flea bites. When a dog is allergic to something, contact allergies develop on their skin.

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