Pet Dental

In order to completely clean every tooth, we use contemporary, secure ultrasonic technology. Every morning on Tuesday and Thursday, appointments for dental cleanings are made.

Pet Dental in North Hollywood, CA 91601

Pet Dental Care is essential for your pet’s health. Berkley Pet Hospital is pleased to provide a comprehensive range of dental care services for pets of all ages.
Pet Dental

Pet Dental

One of the most crucial—and frequently disregarded—facets of our pets’ general health is their dental health. Severe dental disease can affect the function of several bodily systems, including the heart and kidneys, says Berkley Pet Hospital. As our pets age, prophylactic cleanings and annual dental exams can be a great strategy to prevent tooth issues. Dental cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions (with painkillers and antibiotics as needed), annual dental exams, corrective dental repair (in cases of infection or fracture), and as-needed intra-oral radiographs are all examples of preventative care and dental procedures that are carried out on a daily basis.

Pet Dental

Your Pet’s Non-anesthetic Procedure

Most dogs and cats over the age of 2 require routine dental care. This means every 6 months to one year for dental check-ups in order to maintain a healthy mouth. If your pet’s mouth is starting to need attention, and your vet thinks non-anesthesia is right for your pet, then here is what you can expect:

I will be made aware of your pet’s medical conditions, if any, prior to the procedure.

Your pet will sit comfortably in my lap with minimal restraint with my left hand and a draped towel.

I spend time calming each pet in my lap before I begin.

The dental begins with a detailed oral exam, searching for abnormalities or the need for an anesthetic procedure.

I then begin to scale the mouth (each pet gets a sterile tool) with a combination of hand tools and ultra-sonic scaling for sub-gingival tartar removal. This is done without gags or mouth restraints. I only use gauze to catch the water and tarter.

Every pet receives a high-powered polish to buff out small scratches leaving a smooth surface behind.

A bacteria killing rinse is used to wash away any remaining debris. Your pet is then free to stand up and be praised for being so well-behaved!

Each pet receives a dental report for your medical records.

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